Pablo Castro

In The Jungle Fever, Pablo is in charge of the branch of The Jungle Fitness. He will give us advice, tips and exercises for us to maintain a defined and healthy body. As Pablo often says “Don't give up. This will take time, but slow and steady, you will always win the race."


Pablo Castro Pablo Castro was born in Cádiz (Spain). After studying at the University of Madrid he went to the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports and later at University of Wisconsin - La Crosse. Now he is an excellent personal trainer, friendly, funny and with a promising future.

Jenn Brasch

Jenn is half Colombian half Belgian, which means she has the best of both countries: beautiful, funny, committed, intelligent and athletic. Besides speaking 3 languages (Spanish, French and English) she is studying a Master in international corporate and finance at the University of Salford International (Manchester).


She is our coach in The Jungle Fit. We can say that she is the explosion of energy in The Jungle Fever; always ready to start something new and give everything she has.

Alex De frutos

Alex De Frutos is The Jungle Fever's photographer. He was born in Alicante (Spain) but we don't know where he will up end since his potential and professionalism will take him all over the world. He is not only a portrait photographer; he has experience in fashion, weddings and other personal projects. Alex is a music filmmaker too and has been a newshound for TV. Under Alex's lens you can feel confident and carefree, as he will always get the best part of you. You can see the most artistic side of Alex in The Jungle Art along with our other collaborator Arlita Dos Santos.

Arlita Dos Santos

She was born in Spain but is a descendant of Cape Verdean. Thanks to that she speaks Spanish, Portuguese and English. Her personal goals are to travel as much as she can and understand lots of different cultures. Although she is an administrative, she has worked as a photographer, filmmaker and model. Her work has led to her to various cities in Spain, London and Manchester. Arlita definitely will transmit to you her passion for life and art through The Jungle Art, in collaboration with Alex.

Star Cardona

Creative director, MUA, fashion stylist, photographer, creator of the platform, and art lover in her complexion. 

Of Spanish descent but born in Colombia (Bogota), from a very young age she was interested in the cultural and artistic contrast of these two continents.


From which she receives inspiration and mixes her creativity and enthusiasm to constantly promote and create new content.


Passionate about fashion and travel, Star Cardona has lived almost half of her life in Europe, from Austria, Spain and the United Kingdom, this versatile woman delights us with her innovative suggestions and proposals of styling, makeup and decoration.


Let yourself be wrapped up in her peculiar taste for life !!!


Pablo Castro
Pablo Castro
Pablo Castro
Pablo Castro